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Welcome to our Privacy Policy, Your Privacy
is critically important to us

PRIVACY POLICY FOR Verified Industry Insights

When you visit Verified Industry Insights, you are agreeing to the content of this page - Privacy Policy.

The protection of your information is a priority for Verified Industry Insights and its affiliates. Please take the time to carefully read this Privacy Statement ("the Policy") since it contains critical information about how we manage your personal data. When "we," "us," or "Verified Industry Insights" is referred to in this Policy, it refers to Verified Industry Insights and all of its group entities that operate under the VII brand indicated above.


This Policy outlines our data collection and usage practices as well as your options and legal rights related to how we handle your personal data. This Policy describes how we utilize your information when you:

  • Used or activated a user account and/or license. Showed interest in our conferences or services, such as our emails, apps, extensions, webinars, and e-books, or joined up for them.
  • Register for and attend any event, either in person or virtually. You may also visit one of our websites (including our member-only and/or public websites), connect with us on social media, or use one of our mobile applications.

The information we gather from you through our survey or diagnostic tools, as described in greater detail below, is likewise covered by this Policy. Before taking part in a survey or diagnosis, you can be presented with an extra confidentiality notice. Please be aware that the provisions of any such secrecy notice that is unique to a survey or diagnostic will always take priority over any terms in this Policy in circumstances where they contradict. We won't contact you for promotional purposes using the information we gather through our survey or diagnostic tools.

1. Data we collect about you-

1.1 Data collection and use

We either get information about you directly from you or through the sources listed below:We gather the following kinds of details about you
  • Name, title, contact information, and corporate information are examples of personal data.
  • Information you give while publishing content on social networking sites; interactions with you.
We utilize this data for a variety of purposes, such as:
  • Communicating with corporate clients and other business connections to facilitate the company, for example, to discuss vendor briefings or specifics of conferences or webinars.
  • For internal analysis and research to assist us in creating innovative products and services as well as improving our current ones.
  • For internal analysis and research to assist us in creating innovative products and services as well as improving our current ones.
  • Managing our website, looking into any complaints, and offering customer support.
  • Tracking social media posts to foster customer relationships and showcase our company and brand.
Data we collect from the users through our website, our apps and our social media platforms:We gather the following details about you:
  • Details you submit on our website, such as when you give your contact information, financial information, respond to online polls, or fill out feedback forms.
  • The details you enter when you sign up for email newsletters, including your name, email address, and work title;
  • Information you give while signing up for an online account or member account, such as your name, professional or personal email address, work title, organization, physical address of the organization, direct phone number, picture, and biographical information;
  • The login information for any online accounts you may have, together with details on how you use and like to utilize such services;
  • We get information from your LinkedIn profile, including your profile photo, as well as the URLs of websites you visit.
We utilize this data for a variety of purposes, such as:
  • Enhancing your use of our website, extensions, and apps through personalization;
  • Maintaining our website, extension, and applications;
  • For internal analysis and research to assist us in creating new goods and services as well as improving our current ones;
  • Giving you the chance to network with others depending on your qualifications and expertise;
  • Delivering more individualized client service; looking into concerns;
  • Monitoring social media posts to foster customer relationships and market our company and brand.

2. Which personal information do we disclose?

  • Whenever we receive your consent to do so;
  • When you interact directly with an exhibitor at a live or virtual conference, such as when you let them scan your badge at an in-person conference or when you let them attend a sponsored session;
  • To third parties working for us or on our behalf who require access to your information, such as the auditors and attorneys who advise us professionally or the locations where our conferences are held;
  • to abide by the law, safeguard individual rights, the safety of others, and to fulfill legitimate demands from public authorities (such as sharing information when necessary for law enforcement or national security);
  • In accordance with applicable legislation, in conjunction with a merger, sale, transfer of some or all of our assets (including in the case of bankruptcy), or other corporate change involving Verified Industry Insights, or for pre-transaction evaluation relating to such transactions.

3. Data Subject rights

You may have specific rights in relation to your personal information under certain conditions. Please send an email to to request to stop receiving promotional emails. Please fill out the form on our website if you would want to exercise any of your other rights (such as the right to view or delete your information). Such queries ought to contain data that will enable us to confirm your identity (e.g., your name, address, email address or other information reasonably required).

As soon as we get your request to activate one of these rights, we'll get back to you gently and promptly. In some cases, such as when there are many or complex requests, this may be delayed.

4. Security

To assist in preventing unauthorized access, we have put in place administrative, technological, and physical security measures. We cannot guarantee or assure the security of any information you communicate over our websites or applications since, despite these precautions, no data transfer over the Internet can be completely secure. We take reasonable steps to ensure that only the staff, consultants, and agents who require access to information can use it to run, create, enhance, or execute our initiatives, product, and services.