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Welcome to our Terms and Conditions

TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR Verified Industry Insights

The use of this Site, including our subscription portal at (“VII”) and any orders you place for information or services—in addition, the rights you obtain to utilize such content or services—are all governed by these Terms and Conditions (the "Terms").  You consent on behalf of your business to be bound by these Terms by using the Site, whether or not you decide to register.

Thus, before placing a purchase or using the Site, you should read them thoroughly to comprehend your business's rights and obligations. When using, registering for, or placing an order from this Site on behalf of a company, you are referred to as "you," "your “or” your business" in these Terms.

Please call the VII office during regular business hours or send an email to Verified Industry Insights at if you have any questions about them. Instead, you should refrain from using the Site if you do not intend to be bound by these Terms.

1. Access and Registration

  • Many portions of the website allow you to explore around without having to register. However, you will need to register if you wish to place an order, view content that you have paid for, or access some other areas of the website.
  • When you register or place an order, you are required to make sure that all of the information you supply is genuine, honest, updated, and comprehensive in all respects.
  • You must update your registration information in My Profile if it changes.
  • After your request for such services has been properly executed, you can only access our Verified Market Intelligence through the section of the Site at using the log-in information given by Verified Industry Insights.
  • Each registration/VMI account's log-in information is only intended for usage by one user. Please refrain from disclosing your log-in information to anybody, even Authorized Users, as you will be held accountable for all acts carried out with or without your understanding using these passwords and/or accounts.
  • You must notify Verified Industry Insights right away if you notice any abuse or unauthorized use of your log-in information, including those of any Authorized Users, by sending an email to

2. Content and Services available on the site

  • Executive summaries of reports and articles are an example of information that Verified Market Insights offers on the website for no charge (e.g. full reports). You can access this material by either paying the rates shown on the Site for it or by enrolling in a service that offers access to it (the "Verified Market Intelligence). The Terms reserve all rights not explicitly granted above.
  • You must first get written consent from Verified Industry Insights if you intend to use our contents in any manner that is not expressly authorized by the terms listed below (this includes, but is not limited to, making them accessible via an intranet or extranet, to, or via a mobile device). Verified Industry Insights has the right to approve or reject such a request. In addition to any other requirements that may be imposed, you must credit Verified Industry Insights with the information if VII allows you permission for such usage.


  • On the website, Verified Industry Insights offers free information such as executive summaries of reports, podcasts, and certain articles. For information on how you may use this content, please check the section below.
  • You may view online, download a sufficient number of contents for offline viewing, or print one copy of any of the content we make freely accessible on the Site for your own personal use exclusively in connection with your company, as long as all copyright and proprietary notices are preserved. Regarding our free material, all other rights are held in reserve.


Market studies, regional reports, global reports, and business profiles are just a few of the materials that Verified Industry Insights delivers. These "Report(s)" are available for download in digital form from the Site. Please check the details below for information on how to utilize this resource.


Verified Industry Insights accepts your payment from credit card when you submit your payment information and then click- Submit your purchase or after you confirm your payment details if you are paying via invoice. This is subject to credit card authorization. It is a rare scenario that Verified Industry Insights will not be able to deliver what you have asked for. In such cases we will notify you and a refund will be initiated in case if money has been deducted.


  • Verified Industry Insights reserves the right to cancel your order for any reason, in which case VII will notify you through email. Verified Industry Insight may ask you to pay using a different method if it must decline your order because it was unable to authorize your payment information for some reason.
  • If your payment is not processed for any reason, but you still have access to the data or services you requested, Verified Industry Insights owns the right to end any partnership with you. In such a situation, Verified Industry Insights may, after giving you notice, revoke your permission to access the aforementioned material or services and may demand that you remove or return any content you may have got through the services, as applicable.


Please notify Verified Industry Insights through if any report or content is erroneous. You are eligible for a replacement in such a case. For any faulty content you have received or obtained from Verified Market Intelligence, this is the extent of VII’s entire duty to you.


Verified Industry Insights protects your privacy. Please read the privacy statement to learn more about the types of personal data VII gathers and how it uses it.


Links to other websites, such as helpful research websites and advertising partners, may be found on the Site. Verified Industry Insights has not examined these websites belonging to third parties, does not have any control over them, and is not in charge of their availability or content. As a result, VII neither recommends them nor makes any claims regarding them, the information available there, or the outcomes that could be attained via their use.

If you choose to visit any of the websites operated by third parties that are connected to the Site, you do so totally at your own responsibility. Please be sure to read their privacy policy before you supply any confidential info since any personal information you send to a third party website will be handled in accordance with that third party's privacy policy, not Verified Industry Insight's.


Verified Industry Insights invites you to utilize the website, as well as the services and data that are available there. However, VII stipulates that you must use the Site in a legal manner. As a result, you are not permitted to use the Site for any unlawful purposes. In particular, you agree not to interfere with or otherwise disrupt the Site, any servers connected to the Site, or any networks connected to the Site. You also agree not to violate any rules, procedures, policies, or laws of networks connected to the Site.


  • You agree that Verified Industry Insights or its licensors, who retain all such rights, shall always be the owners of all copyrights, database rights, trade names, and other intellectual property rights in the Site and the information made accessible via the Site.
  • You must, at VII's request and cost, take all reasonable steps necessary to support Verified Industry Insights in bringing or opposing legal action against any infringement of such rights.
  • Please refer to the permissible uses and limits of use outlined above in these Terms for details on how you may use the content made available on the Site.


  • The parties to any agreement made under these Terms acknowledge that, in the course of carrying out their duties under these Terms, they or their employees may come into contact with or obtain non-public information that is secretive to or confidential to either party or third parties to whom they owe a duty of confidentiality ("Confidential Information"). The parties acknowledge that the provision of content and services to you and Authorized Users as anticipated by these Terms constitutes the sole and exclusive use of Confidential Information. The parties further agree to hold utmost confidentiality and recommend each of their employees who may come into contact with Confidential Information of their obligations to maintain its confidentiality. Any agreement established according to these Terms shall continue to be governed by this clause.
  • Verified Industry Insights promises not to imply—directly or indirectly—that any of the services or products it offers have your endorsement or approval without first getting your permission in writing. Any agreement established according to these Terms shall continue to be governed by this clause.


All notices necessary or authorized by these terms shall be issued in writing, either by Verified Industry Insights to the address and/or e-mail address you gave at registration or, if submitted by you, to our postal address below via a reputable express courier service.


Feel free to contact Verified Industry Insights by email at or by mail (at the address shown below) if you have any issues, and VII will try its best to deal with them.